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Soley judging the market based on Bitcoin price action works until it doesn't. Look out for other top coins that can break the chains that hodl the whole market back.

For new people using Steemit or other applications built on top of the Steem blockchain, commenting has a much higher ROI than posting, but I would still do both.

Research your passion, master it, then give all the info away for free.

Seven-day challenge on DTube, post content links below and I will be giving upvotes out to people who finish the challenge! #7daysOfContent

▶️ DTube
Sort: inspire!!!! thank you! following the new channel now. bustin' the camera out...and joining you for "7 days of content...on Dtube!" i'll start today!

tried about a dozen times upload to Dtube bro. i'm seeing other users are experiencing some issues as well. "unkown error"'s saying. not giving up! trying again today! steepshot does that for me sometimes too. won't post...and says unknown error. it eventually goes through lol. cheers! thanks for the upvote!

unknown error solved. i was using steemconnect. logged out...then logged back in with posting key instead ;)

Hey @dhenz thanks for the tips, we are new to steemit and DTube.

Welcome! If you need help with anything LMK

Sounds good thank you, my wife and I are writing our into page right now. Pretty excited. We wouldn't have done something like this if it wasn't for your video giving us a little kick-start!

Is this challenge to post a video everyday on DTube 7 days in a row and leave the link for each video as a comment on this post?

Just got the chance to go through the full video and I must say that "Fuck, man!" You are a great motivator. Some of the things you said hit me spot on.

I've been wanting to get into video creation for a long time now but I guess that the fear of sucking at it, or being uncomfortable is preventing me from doing anything. It's been a while now but your words moved me in a better direction.

Keep doing your noble work and spread the positivity throughout the Steem blockchain!

Patience and enjoying the process are most resonated with me while listening to whole Dtube.

You content giving me so much energy.. Thanks again!

Have a wonderful day :)

I value your consistency on DTube and fighting the good fight.

Thanks for the upvotes man!

AMAZing .... ^^//

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Hi Dan, thanx for your tips and motivation, I am looking forward to your new account, what's gonna do. Your ideas about decentralized sites are right, keep doing a great job as always!

Slowly and slowly everyone has to build out of the rough time to keep hustling :)

When you said you have less hunger now than when you were on top than when you were on bottom reminded me of Clubber Lang from Rocky 3. A cliche I know :)

Very true @dhenz. Commenting has a better ROI than posting especially for new users. This is how I built my account from the scratch, when I first joined steemit because I did not have fiat to invest.

Yep, it is how I found your channel from your comments on my videos.

I actually never knew I could built what I have when I started out, however commenting helped me a lot, 60% more than my post's 40%, better ROI though, I don't know if HF20 will limit this for new users.

The 15 minute rule for upvoting is something I don't like from HF20 because I like to upvote right when I see comments I like.

Just followed on your new account... I been MIA for about 2 weeks but I’m back! Let’s go 🙌🏼

Great contest Dan! Will have to get dtube going and get in on the contest too ✌❤😊 (but crap dtube isn't working for me would enjoy seeing your video too )

Isn't that "This is not financial advice .. plaah plaah.." just a relic from stupid Youtube rules that we can forget here where people are level-headed and everyone is responsible for their own actions :)

Top coins... so many... useful? Nano, filecoin, Powr, Vechain..

I was mainly referring to top 5 coins, such as we saw with the moves with XRP & BCH. But ya, any coin really can help spur mass adoption, exciting to see which ones break through.

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