The REAL WORLD Education, Cryptocurrency Bear Market of 2018, and Cryptocurrency MASS Adoption.

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I have spoken a few times about the real world education system and students not being prepared for the real world and how to get themselves financially secure. Some people take this kind of talk as a reason to drop out of school or as a reason to not send their kids to university. It I’ve also said that this needs to be thought about. Schooling definitely needs to be accompanied by real world education and with the Internet age this isn’t difficult to do. Someone who has dropped out has less advantages than someone who has not dropped out. Take it from me, I didn’t drop out, there were family issues that kept me from going in the first place. There are disadvantages to this. But what this means it that drop outs need to work that much harder. There is more to prove and no room for messing around. Also a recent study indicated that that over 80% of people are unhappy in their jobs. Just throwing that out there.

That being said. On to crypto now. Everything during the great cryptocurrency bear market f 2018 has dropped between 80-95% since January. Some smart guys in this space are looking at this and thinking there will be massive gains once purchased low and they go back up in the next bull market. Even the top 10 coins have dropped since January. If you have been one of those who have seen the drop and also thought when the bull run happens there will be room for huge gains, a safe place to look would be in the top 10 coins. They are they most established, popular, and less risky.

At the end of the last bull run. Bitcoin hit 20 thousand and the crypto market cap hit around 835 billion. This bear market would be a great entry point into crypto. With cryptocurrency mass adoption in mind, Gibraltar united football club started paying their players in cryptocurrency and Gibraltar has seemed very friendly towards crypto , the major cineplex movie theatre in Thailand has started accepting payments in Bitcoin, this is the biggest cinema franchise in Thailand, and of course Kim Kardashian’s talking about bitcoin. All of these things are great for crypto visibility. We need more and more of those stickers on windows next to checkout point. Bitcoin accepted here. Even individuals who are a part of the informal sector. Can help this movement by accepting cryptocurrency for goods and services.

Nasdaq is really forward thinking. They like the idea of people having Bitcoin in their retirement investment plan. There have been reports that in the second quarter of 2019 they will be listing and trading Bitcoin and a bunch of alt coins. This is great news.

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There are disadvantages to not having an "official" education. But what this means it that drop outs need to work that much harder. There is more to prove and no room for messing around. Do you agree?