Vlog #77: "Role of 'Language' in Making Vlogs"

in dtube •  2 months ago 

Hi Dtube and Steemians !!! This vlog is on the importance of language in vlogging on a social media platform like Dtube that has vloggers and viewers from all across the world. Choose the language to express your ideas wisely and be lively and vivacious when it comes to your body language. Communicating thoughts and ideas in an impressive way is a must when it comes to vlogging. Do upvote and support. Thanks a lot!!!!

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Thanks for a great video @devkant79, and you do bring up a most important subject, language and articulation are really important in making your audiance understand your message, and the body language and energy you project also matters a lot, not the least in capturing the attention of your viewers.

Really good advice my friend, have an awesome day.

Thank you very much for your good advice about all aspects of language in videos and vlogs @devkant79, it's awesome.

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