**WIN 100 STEEM** WEEK 5 - DIY/TUTORIALS - ’THE 5 REEL GOOD’ a contest by @ddaily

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‘The 5 Reel Good’ #the5reelgood


A Contest

“Highlighting Quality Video Content on the Steem Blockchain”.


Week 5 - Monday, Oct. 14th - 19th.... DIY

Week # 5 Theme —DIY

This means any video showing the creation process of something you are doing with your own skills.

You are building a chair, repairing a car, drawing a picture, painting a wall and so on. Be creative and record this on video!

Our judges are looking for you to bring us some knowledge and inspiration for your video!

Eligible Entries

  1. Only original video content
  2. your video has to be under 5 minutes in length.
  3. tagged with #the5reelgood or curated by others

@DDaily is seeking to uncover the best tutorial / DIY / instructional video created on the Steem Blockchain this week.

How to participate

This theme asks you to get creative or just repair a bicycle. It is up to you!

Contest Start and Finish

Monday, Oct 14th 00:00 UTC- Friday 18th 24:00 UTC
Use #the5reelgood to enter your video into this contest


You Too Are A Curator

If you see a video that fits this week's theme (DIY) use #the5reelgood in the comments of the post and it will be automatically and magically directed to our discord judging panel.

The Prizes

  • The Winning Video gets 100 STEEM
    Special thanks to @dtube who donated 50 STEEM to the winning video. @DDaily is sponsoring the other 50 STEEM!

  • The winning video will also receive 100 DIY TOKENS sponsored by @diytube!

  • The 4 runners up videos each gets 3 STEEM

  • @diytube sponsors 10 DIY TOKENS for each of the 4 runners up videos

The Judges

(it's always nice to be nice to them )
A hand-selected Crew of Master video watchers.... who are overqualified to judge your videos!


The winning video will also receive a 100% upvote from our ever-growing list of sponsors who appreciate great content produced on the Steem Blockchain.

Thanks To Our Awesome Sauce Sponsors .....

This week #5 we are proud to give a very loud shout out to our sponsor —


@dtube has provided the 50 STEEM grand prize for each week of this 5-week contest. Long Live @dtube !!!

Here are more of our awesome sauce sponsors and friends:


Thank you to @gnarlyanimations for designing this logo


How to support the DDaily Weekly Contest

  1. Give this post an Upvote
  2. Consider joining the @ddaily upvote trail or send a delegation to increase the awareness and help grow the community.
  3. Curate applicable content with #the5reelgood in the comment section of the post
  4. Sponsor or donate toward prizes


By Creators For Creators


Amnesia by Electronic Senses | https://soundcloud.com/electronicsenses
Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

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This is very good.

Thx! Just join and win :)

This intro inspires me to make a video too. Hmmm, what do I know how to do by myself?!?🤪

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Haha I hope you can cook something? or digging in your garden to plant something? or drawing a self-portrait? :D

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Good luck with this weeks contest!



Nice post. Very interesting!

Interesting post.
Contest is very good. I shall try to join.
Judges are very active and top most dtubers.

Here my entry, sorry for the hour, I had internet problems