The winners of DCooperation contest ! 100 steem distributed ! ☺

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We have 6 entries and we decided to reward all of them.

In this video you can watch the best entries that won 50 steem each and those are entries from @exzorltg and @behelen.

So for now already 110 steem sent to the winners and it's :

Stay tuned to watch more entires from more 3 great dtubers. ☺

Thanks a lot for our sponsors who donated for the contest : @captainbob , @kawaiicrush , @cryptospa , @paulag , @soufiani , @prettynicevideo , @hafizullah , @mjtravel and @rehan12 .

Most of our active members were included in the videos and those are : @behelen @clicked @clixmoney , @cryptospa @emsonic @ireenchew @rehan12 @thecryptotrader @paulag @mcoinz79 @mjtravel @iamjadeline
@eaglespirit @camuel @cowboysblog @captainbob @eftnow @bobaphet @soufiani @prettynicevideo
@geekoverdose and much more. ☺

Edited by @clixmoney .

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

Here is the link to our discord server :

If you want to delegate any amount of power, you can do it here :

If you want to send any donation, you are welcome to do that, all the donations will be used to power up our account to upvote more dtube's videos.

Follow our team @cryptospa, @soufiani and @eaglespirit.

You can also vote for @igormuba as a witness here : . Contact him and he can host your videos on @dtube and they will be always on there. You can find him as igormuba#6942 on discord.


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Huge prize!!! So generous, many of you. Thank you @dcooperation for golden opportunity. Too bad my editing skill is not good. Comment first. Upvote later at 15 minutes time. 😊👍 Great job to everyone. Congratulations to @exzorltg, @behelen and @eugelys 🎉🎊😊👏👏👏


You are very welcome. ☺


Thanks to you for your kind works! I am still learning about editing my vídeos but if you need help you can count on me!

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WOW !!!!!
They were both absolutely amazing.
I loved the cgi too. Some seriously good skills there.


Yeah, they did a great work. Thanks for being active in our community. ☺

Congratulations to all the winners and all who took part ✨🙏🏾✨

Great videos ! :)

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Yeah, they are. ☺


Thanks a lot!, @emsonic!

Thank you, @dcooperation! I'm glad I took the first place!
And it's great that everyone who participated in this contest won!!!


You are very welcome, you did really well. ☺


I oved yours so much! The background was really cool!

Wow! That's very generous :)
Congratulations to the winners and all who participated

Can't wait to see the rest :D


Congratulations to the winners, @exzorltg and @behelen. Thank you for your great videos!

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Thank you, @cryptospa!

congrats to winners and thank you to @dcooperation for holding these contests


Congradulations to the winners!!!!!! Great choices @clixmoney !!!


Thanks a lot. Tomorrow you will recieve your reward as well. I'm glad that all participants can be rewarded. ☺


No, keep it in Dcooperation. I donate my winnings! I want you guys to have it. It was a great contest!

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Thanks a lot, I will send it anyway to inspire people to participate in our contests, and then you can donate that to us if you want. So give us a chance to celebrate tomorrow as well. ☺

Congrats @exzorltg❤️@behelen!!!

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Thank you, @eugelys!

Wow so impressive and beautiful created.
Congratulations for the winners @exzorltg and @behelen and @eugelys.
And the @Dcooperation.


Thank you, @mjtravel!


Thanks a lot. ☺