Compose sentences with your most used words ! - Day 322 !

in dtube •  2 months ago

In this video, I just want to have fun while waiting for something interesting that will happen to me later.

So, I've wrote today a post about using a cool tool where you can find your most used words in steemit.

Here is the link to the tool :

You can entre your steem name there and find the most used words by you.

But the think I do in the video, I also composed sentences from mmy most used word and I want you also to try that. It will be fun to see. In the sentence you can add your own words as well, so it will be easier to do for you. lol

I composed some sentences for those who commented my post : @bobaphet , @elsiekjay , and @behelen. Try to do the same. lol

Let's just have fun. ☺

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Hahaha, what another fun activity lol
I'll get right to it when I get some time.
Cheers clix!


You'r welcome. lol