How I see DCooperation in the future & now !

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I remember when I created @dcooperation about 11 months ago. I saw how people work hard to earn that $1 on steem blockchain. Even if people are not here for money, they see others earning so much and it demotivates them and they even may leave steem blockchain at all. I've been on steem for almost 2 years and I never gave up on it, but not all people are the same, and it hurts when you see some people leave. I think the only reason why they mostly leave is the material aspect and the fact that their content is unseen.

Becuase of that I created a concept of @dcooperation. The idea was to send any kind of content to the account and use all the earning to power up the account. Through all these 11 months, I never powered down and never sent any steem to anyone. I used all the earning to power up. Imagine if we will have a lot of people sending content to this account, how much we could earn from that and power up !

Of course sending the content once to the account and expecting to be always upvoted by the account is not the case. The content should be sent regularly, it's something like a win-win situation. You get that 100% upvote for one piece of content you share and I think that's fair enough.

The idea wasn't to upvote only delegators, but since we have them, they should be upvoted of course. They are also putting their hard earned steem power into the project and if they keep their delegation, that means that they believe in the idea and support it. For now I'm still delegating all my 4100 steem power to the account and not upvoting myself. I'm challenging myself not to be upvoted by @dcooperation untill we have $1 upvote. Now it's almost $0.4 and that's cool. Even if I start to upvote myself, I will not give myself more than 7 upvotes a week and that's still the maximum given to any delegator or contributor.

Even the curation rewards are all used to power up the account and it's about 2 steem power earned everyday. The more steem power we will have, the more curation rewards we will earn and that means we will grow faster that way.

Thanks a lot to all delegators and supporters of @dcooperation.

If you want to support us, you can always delegate us some power or send us any kind of content you want.

You can always find us here : DCooperation discord server

To delegate you can use this website :

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You're doing a great job, Clix


Thanks man. I just hope more content will be sent to this account, as you see our content isnot supported that much.