Derrick Broze Educates New Houston City Council About 5g

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)

Great job there... keep it up.. upvoted

Awesome Derrick! Respect!
100% and resteemed.
Stay on it... you might convince some Babylonians
and make them human again :P
Boycott Verizon, Telekom and all them bastards, who promoting

Hi Derrick. Nice to find you on Steem. A friend shared your 5G video on FB so i followed you here.
I humbly suggest, bearing in mind the recent purchace of Steemit Inc. and by Justin Tron then the very shady hostile takeover he is attempting to centralise Steem (and bribery of exchanges to help hm do so), that you use instead of to access the Steem Blockchain.
You can also change the link you share to your profile fom to I in-courage you to do so to help Steem remain decentralised and censorship resistant.


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