Q Anon & Edge of Wonder Claim Trump Made 5g Safe?

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According to the channel Edge of Wonder and other Q Anon supporters claim that Trump sent out a secret message claiming that the American version of 5g is SAFE! What a load of garbage....

Edge of Wonder Video:

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It seems that people are desperate for something to have hope in.
I can relate. I’ve gone through all the phases. Hope, fear, despair, cynicism and eventually, resignation.
Now my resignation has an element of optimism in that it has become abundantly evident to me just how small a leg of our individual journey this life actually is.
This has freed me, for the first time in my life to give myself permission to be content. To appreciate and enjoy the beauty, the unimaginable awesomeness of what this life has to offer.
All the while still being ready and willing to help where it actually helps.