A Lesson in Culture Jamming

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Derrick Broze breaks down the strategy of culture jamming.


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Reminds me of the Wacky Stickers of the late 60's and early 70's.

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  ·  last month (edited)

Google, in an effort to "clean up the internet"(paraphrasing) decided that promoting brands in searches was the way to do it.

in addition to the attack on independent media, google has recently falsified their search results and really attacked health sites. Some of these companies, like Mercola and Greenmedinfo, are not small.

So what we're seeing is a shift in Google's customer, again. It's not about using brands to create quality for the everyday user anymore. It's about big corporate brands becoming the new customer. That means any health site or brand that is in competition with or is harmful to Google's chosen customer(the biggest and dirtiest with boatloads of cash) is squelched. Search results are falsified, keyword search is manipulated to steer marketers away from conducting sound research on what people are actually searching for.

I figure that you know all of this but my point is, how long until culture jamming is considered terrorism or something. They're already pushing to make "conspiracy theory" illegal.

The point is, news and media is such a mixed pot of truth and lies that people have chosen their sides already. They've aligned their moral compasses. They either want personal freedom and truth and are cognizant of the risks, or they just want to take the path of comfort and least resistance, and basically just want to be on the winning team.

I can tell you that people who want truth and are aligning their lives with it still struggle to know what's going on in the world. I'm not just talking about myself, I have clients and students from all over the world, all income levels, that struggle to find it.

I think the problem with culture jamming is that it's based in deception. You're such a driven and talented journalist I would like to see you build something more based in truth and sincerity. Authenticity is a hot commodity, very scarce in the world's market today.

If you're going to culture jam, make sure you do it like a real rebel. Use it as way of showing that you're not afraid of them and distinguish yourself as a more credible leader who doesn't abide by fear.

Good luck Derrick.