From Prison to Houston Mayoral Candidate (KPRC 2)

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"Derrick Broze is not a conventional candidate for mayor. Then again, his life to this point has been anything but conventional.

A native Houstonian, he talks openly about surviving depression, addiction and incarceration. He describes his evolution as a writer and journalist and developing what he says are natural leadership skills.

“What I’ve heard overwhelmingly is, 'I’ve never voted before but I’m going to vote for you,'” he said. “Because we’re reaching new people. We’re not making an effort to just talk to the typical class of voters. In the last election, we had a million registered voters and about 200,000 or so voting, about 10 to 13 percent.”

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Just imagine winning.

Their would be someone in there that they wouldn't own who would actually serve the people. Imagine that!

Came across well bud wishing you all the best 💯🐒

Well done Derrick. Impressive composure and answers.