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RE: Letting Go of Negative Emotions - Thoughts from the Foxhole - Vlog 237

in #dtube5 years ago

Thank you for sharing, friend. It's incredibly difficult to let go and I was hesitant to share this topic for it's an incredible simplification of such. Yet, a new perspective can really have an immense impact on things. So here we are :) I love how you focus on letting it be. I also love the thought that we should acknowledge the presence of emotional hardship and realize while it is a part of life, it doesn't need to control us. This opens up an avenue to respect it while also, as you experienced, not letting it affect our lives adversely. Thank you for sharing friend <3


I'm really glad you did. I think simple is a great starting point! And one of my favourite things about Steemit? That value is added to posts through conversation and dialogue, helping each other learn about the world and each other. Love it! Much love and peace xx

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