Self-Awareness Super Power - Thoughts from the Foxhole - Vlog 232

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Self-Awareness Super Power - Thoughts from the Foxhole - Vlog 232
Thank you to my best friend for introducing me to Gary Vee and therefore through Mr. Gary's daily messages of patience, empathy, and self-awareness I finally started to fix myself. Thank you both, you beautiful souls!!!!
Hey Friends! Thank you for stopping by and visiting the Foxhole. I started to create this content inspired by the king of hustlers, Gary Vee and hope to bring a nice blend of documentation of my journey and inspirational videos that you can enjoy! I appreciate any of your comments and thank you greatly for hitting the subscribe button!

I'm just here to hustle and motivate :) Remember you are love and light! And most importantly,

I hope you get yours!!!
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Past Projects: Nugget of News - cannabis news recap, Online Headshop, Rental Bongs, Edible Company, LegalZoom for Weed, Groupon for Cannabis, and many many many others. I hope to learn from these failures as I try to find success.

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