Conspiracy Theorist & In-group Psychology - Thoughts from the Foxhole - Vlog 236

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Conspiracy Theorist & Ingroup Psychology - Thoughts from the Foxhole - Vlog 236
Today I discuss the dangers of pushing false conspiracy theories and present my own theory as to why so many people are into the conspiracy theory movement.
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I saw your comments on Derrick Broze's thread, and I agree with much of what you say about some conspiracy theorists in this video, even though I don't completely agree with your views on vaccines.
I would not describe myself as an anti-vaxxer, and in fact I did get measles as a small child (there was no vaccine available in those days) and it led to several life-threatening crises for me and years of illness. However, I do think there are valid questions to be asked about the current vaccination programmes in "developed" countries, and to be honest I'm not sure what the answer is. Derrick Broze did say something along similar lines in his comments on the points you made.
I like the calm and reasoned way you put your arguments, and I think this is often missing from these types of discussions - which is why I really agree with the points you made about many "conspiracy theorists" - and it's good that you made a point of not lumping all alternative thinkers together in this respect.
I think you made a very good point about many "conspiracy theorists" (I would describe them as "alternative thinkers") wanting to fit into a particular group. I think this is a big downfall with the "alternative media", which lays followers open to manipulation, and many of them have been led into some bizarre alleyways as a result. It's so important to be a free thinker (in my opinion) and not to allow yourself to be manipulated through trying to follow the herd.
I think Derrick Broze is generally one of the best examples of a true "free thinker" online, because he makes a point of trying to back up most of what he says with research. It's very difficult to do this in the vaccine debate because there is just SO much info on both sides out there, and that's why I find it impossible to come out on one side or the other.
It's a very complex issue, but the bottom line for me is that no one should be forced to have anything injected into their own body.

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