I would like to do this trick one more time! HEELFLIP FS BOARDSLIDE - Steemskateclip

in #dtube6 months ago (edited)

Hello friends how are you? welcome to another steemclip, this clip has already a time, but the truth that I remember as if it were yesterday, I would like to do this trick once again and take away my fear, with this trick I received many hits but I fell it, after a while I did not I've done it again, maybe I will soon arm myself with courage and get to work on falling it once more.

Thanks for watching, see you in the next video.


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Very hard trick G and you did it really good. Tried it a couple of times too but never did it.
Maybe it's time we both try it?

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Yes brother I think it's a great idea, but I want to master my kickflip fs boardslide again, which should be recovered quickly, like the bigspin fs boardslide, after that you better we can try the heelflip fs board again.

Alright! Let's learn some tricks again G.
I'll be back into skating in 7 days! Can't wait.
Fuck injuries!

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