Game of steemskate - Week #20 - Switch varial heelflip - My first letter? Round 1?

in #dtube6 months ago (edited)

Hello friends welcome to another video for my channel, I will not write much I will simply tell you to go and enjoy the video that is very good and I hope you like it, thanks for the support, see you in a next video.


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You will get it tomorrow G. You can do it. You are very close

thank you brother, I am not very friendly with this trick, but I really have a hard time making it turn, if I manage to drop it tomorrow I will upload my video it will be at night, I have to fight to save the week although I think that many or almost the whole group will I leave GAMEOFSTEEMSKATE.

I didn't understand what you meant at the last phrase G but go get it. Just have your shoulders like a sw fs pop! Always parallel with your board. YOu can do it! You almost did it actually!

I meant that the only players are you and me.

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