New session - 10 or NOTHING! - episode # 1 Varial heelflip with Ramon- STEEMSKATE SERIES.

in #dtube7 months ago (edited)

Hello friends lately many ideas are happening to me, for the improvement of tricks and skate attitude, yesterday battling in the rain the SWITCH varial heelflip felt a pressure that it could rain harder and I felt the need to drop the trick and not give myself for defeated.

Then I came up with this of 10 or nothing, so we could greatly improve our tricks and the safety of one or the same, since we would choose the tricks that we do not do commonly but that if we fall to see if we achieve it in the 10 attempts, I hope that like, don't forget, vote comment and subscribe.


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Clean style by Ramon as always!
Nice series concept G! Gonna be uploading Meet the Skater new episode today probably!

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