Drawing a koala, for all the fallen in australia - Drawing #4.

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

I was watching the news and really that on the one hand mankind every time is like decaying.I am not saying that they are all bad, but really that seeing all that fire, all that despair, of the animals in the fires, and I really wanted to draw this sad koala, because really what is happening makes me very sad, just thinking about the desperation that poor animals should feel is something that hurts me a lot, there are many people who do not see the true senses in animals, but I really hope that this happens soon and that over time the fallen koalas multiply with time, thanks for watching this video, see you in another video.


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Un buen dibujo de uno de los animales que esta sufriendo los incendios de su país en los actuales momentos. Recibe el apoyo del trail de curación de Onelovedtube y Vdc. Saludos desde Aragua.

Si hermano es algo que me da mucha tristeza, gracias por mirar y que te guste, lo valoro mucho, y gracias por la curacion amigo mio, saludos desde margarita.

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