The Senate will vote to REINSTATE net neutrality...and it will fail!

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As I lay out in the video, there is simply no way this will pass. But, is it still a good idea to get Senators on record either in favor or against net neutrality, for the purposes of the 2018 election?

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Lock them all up!

decentralized web coins will take over if they vote yes

This is just another case of naive Americans who believe this “Free enterprise” thing to “open up” the Internet will somehow benefit them...when in reality, it will benefit huge corporations and hurt the little business. What does that mean? Take ebay for example: If they can cut one tenth of a second off of the time users spend on their means another $50 million dollars globally. How do I know? An ebay executive lives in Encinitas and can’t wait for repeal of net neutrality.

What if companies can “slow” your access to certain sites but speed up others they favor? What if large companies can charge ONE CENT MORE...on a global scale....where consumers have no clue it is happening? They can make billions more...and that is not hyperbole.

What we are seeing now is exactly what Kamala Harris has been saying about this for some time. But in 2017 stupid Americans seem OK with handing the internet keys to Republicans ....and hoping it goes well.

You're naive if you think the government cares about the little guy.

You are 100% correct, @lucyogo. Apparently, there are many "anarchists" on Steemit who fight the government for the sake of fighting the government.

Statistically, however, most Americans who know what net neutrality is are in support of it. This is a case of a handful of unelected officials deciding what's best for the entire country, even though the overwhelming majority of the country are against their decision.

I know right. I sure don't want to return to the way internet access and bandwidth was handled prior to 2015 when net neutrality began. I don't know about you but it was all I could do to afford bandwidth and internet access what with companies charging whatever they wanted and limiting the bandwidth of other services like Netflix unless they paid the ISP more forcing their rates to go up making them almost unaffordable. I know I saw my monthly ISP cost plummet after the 2015 net neutrality law went in effect.

I hope you can sense the sarcasm. I was laying it on pretty thick there.

The fact that lobbyist have this much of an influence on the legislation is one of the integral flaws of the American governmental system. The only way we can have stuff like this change is to change the core way that our government works. People say that and individual can make a difference but truthfully I think when ISP's sink millions of dollars to influence certain decision it causes the opinions of the people to become ignored.

yeah, no doubt about it. Changing campaign finance laws as well as instituting instant runoff voting (also known as ranked choice voting) would immediately change so much about our system (for the better, I would argue)

Better yet, term limits for all elected officials. No more than one term. Combine that with a third party oversight committee to handle ethics violations and minimum 25 year sentences for any person convicted by that committee of a violation.

I also think it's a smart move for the Democrats -- get those votes on the record, yea and nay!

Considering Net Neutrality is polling at 80%, each of the (R) Senators' feet should be held to the fire by their respective electorates.

this is the only way forward. vote them out.

Yes, that's what lawmakers are supposed to do. Vote for and against items in a public setting rather than hiding behind the excuse "We don't have the votes" so there is no vote. If I were a head of a political party I would vote on just about every issue the second each congress is sworn in and get them on the record, get things passed or voted down. But then again I would never be elected either party leader, or remain there very long if I were. Lack of establishment accountability is driving things like cryptocurrency into the mainstream internationally faster than I ever could have imagined, and it is a great thing. Excellent points I like where you come from #davidpakman.

I am away from politics thousand light year....

How did the internet get open in the first place? Very little regulation because the growth was so ridiculous there was no way to stop it. If you want to prevent the "Fat Cats" stealing the internet keep the regulations away from the internet. Too many people have this thinking backwards. If you like government regulated cronyism put all of your money in banks and other government subsidiary owned financial institutions and get away from cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a giant free market NO vote to government run status quo monopolization of the markets.

To get an idea of what net restrictions, I mean, net neutrality, has done to the United States Internet. The fact is we lag behind many other countries in the world because of heavy handed government restrictions that have hurt the development of internet infrastructure in this country. The only people Pelosi and Harris care about are themselves and lining their purses.

The Internet is the best thing to roll into town since moveable type. The notion of turning it into cable television is pathetically sad.

I'm stunned that so many people are so misinformed and manipulated by the mainstream media, pundits, and social media. Net "Neutrality" was anything but neutral. It was a way for the major players to maintain the status quo and keep the smaller and newer competitors out of the market. To give an example, if there is a highway toll, should a smart car pay the same amount as an 18-wheeler with a full load? Absolutely not. It takes more to deliver the load and more to maintain the roads for it. I really hope people take the time to quickly read the following article: Foundation for Economic Education: "Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Competition"

Being neutral may be the best thing to face the 2018 new year, do not lie down @davidpakman,..

Very interesting to see each Senators voting with re-elections coming soon.

I actually think this could work. Its a stretch but a lot of Republicans don't like the FCC ruling either.
But then again, we have an orangutan named Trump in the White House. Tell him it's an "Obama law" and he'll be against it.

This is a very controversial issue, I still have thoughts that the Senate could do the right thing

I'm definitely hoping it doesn't pass either! Been watching it closely

well... Politics again... Find the best solution... They must not think for their own personal interest. They forgot their duty and responsibility. That was we call, greedy! Greedy for Power and money!

So, in other words, they're gonna keep voting till it turns out the way they want?


If you look into some of the other factors other than companies not having an equal advantage. Net neutrality isn't that bad of an idea, It gives us more liberty and it's better for businesses.

I still can't believe you guys in the USA have this problem... holy... it's surreal!

We are bought and sold

You're naive if you think the government cares about peoples

do not know all that if we do not try it, those ideas will come up if we want to think, optimistic and keep trying

I think it would be a smart move for them to get on the record but I feel like it would have been a bigger benefit politically if it would have been done before the FCC voted to repeal. I think the mid term elections will be a very interesting time, esp with how unpopular Trump and the tax plan are.


Why the or against it

Do you really think that corporate repubs and dems who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in cold hard cash from certain isp's to do their bidding are going to try and prevent the cut of net neutrality? It's not going to happen unless we replace these wall street puppets and put in principled populists who care about the interests of internet protection and saftey , not millions to be a slave to comcast.

Very intresting and exiting to here this ..tq for sharing...

Delay, delay, delay!!!

Those of us on the outside are looking in and wondering how it will affect us.

Net Neutrality not passing is one way for the fat cats like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast to be able to put more money in their pockets by charging companies that can afford it a fee for preferential treatment in making sure their content is in the front of other content. If you look at YouTube that is what it will be like if the net neutrality fells to pass. It will and can be censored and the freedom of speech on the internet will be destroyed.

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regardless on how they vote now they can and will change their vote when the time to actually vote.

This is really informative. Thanks for sharing with Us

this is the only way forward. vote them out.

Politicians are great parasites.

CA Sen. Scott Wiener will alledgedly roll out some legislation in January for California ->

It's always the same story..: "KNOWLEDGE MUST BE FREE FOR ALL" >

That is it! I go on youtube and play classic jazz records all day, unbelievable library right in my own house! This is what the world should be! But we are brainwashed that the oligarchs should suck all our wealth out instead of everyone being able to enjoy the birthright inheritance of the legacy of art, science, and technology that is our human endeavor! Free us up y'all !!

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