Thanks to Steemit, we might do this entire series on critical thinking

in dtube •  last year

This is a sample video, focusing on valid and sound arguments...check it out! Looking forward to turning this into a big thing

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I can't wait for the series. I've recommended to my friends to become members. Great work David, Pat, and Noah!


thank you very much, I appreciate it!

Subscribed. Makes me smarter when I watch your videos.


thank you very much for the kind words!

Looking forward to it. I know one thing. It will be more interesting than all of those law-school classes I had to take. :)

Looking forward to more!

Yes, for the love of god please bring awareness of logic and critical thinking to this platform. If I wasn't a poor nobody I would give you more than a fraction of 3.5 cents.

I thanks to give us a little support for using steemit

What's making more money? Youtube after adpocalypse or Steemit?

Very good vieo dude.good job

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Yes, now please apply critical thinking to the Russian trump "scandal". :D

For example, if anyone actually thought it was real, the country would have collapsed by now because we would have to examine every electoral process in the last 10 years to possibly find out that none of our votes mattered since possibly the early 2000s.

You know, basic stuff like that. Its a damn good thing we know the entire thing is a fabrication or we would be in some serious trouble.

Hello David. Good video. i am not a progressive but, I like your style.

I like the concept, isnt it a re-vamp of Linear reasoning?
I would love for you to explain Via Negativa,
I find that one can use this kind of thinking much like the number nine is used as negation tool in math...9+9=18...for 1 + 8 equals 9. 9×10=90=9
Just a random thought.

I’m having difficulty uploading to DTube and it’s really weighing me down. Help please, anyone @creating-wealth

This is great! Very much looking forward to this series. As a side note one of my favorites in the same vein is

Great video

Pretty good content, for some reason it gives me deja vu...

But the pacing between different statements seems a bit quick, even for me, and I gots the ADD.

this is very informative to me. so thank you and you should discuss/share your steemit experience to us .. soo thankx you again

Thanks David,
I wish a certain group here in the US would implement more critical thinking and understand the difference between "Valid" arguments and "Sound" Arguments. It seems like this group ( whose 'Savior ' occupies that big house on Pennsylvania Ave. LOL ) relies less on Critical Thinking and more on Emotion and Mysticism ;)

Wow! You have thought me something today i learnt that not all argument that is valid is sound that for argument to be sound it must be valid and true.yuo did a great work my dear.thanks for widen my horizon today

Great content! Thanks for the pearls of wisdom!

useful as a guide thanks..

i realize your blog..
please carry on.....

Great video

Thank you David! Although I took a class that briefly taught me to analyze results of clinical research, overall I am one of the millions of Americans who have not been taught critical thinking. I am curious why the US does not teach this in primary and secondary education. Despite the fact that I "feel" I can be objective, I think this series will improve my ability to navigate the current chaotic political climate that seems to be mirroring back the dark side of American culture. Change will have to come one person at a time. Hopefully this series will reach many, and, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I think you are doing a great service to the public by making this series.

very nice

wow ... this is awesome for me