New Year - 2019 - Short Video

in dtube •  21 days ago

Hey Guys!
I wish everyone a great new year!

And this is a video production I prepared it some hours ago, I am me playing a Christmas song with Schecter SGR 6 guitar, hope you guys enjoy!

for Iranian people (Persians) the year is changing in spring and it's more than 3000 years which they celebrate it, but I did this as a respect to my friends around the world :) to join their happy days.

Peace & Love!

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Oh god that was FUN! I can't wait to show the boys when they come back home. How cheerful!!!! You are one of a kind my friend. Thank you for bringing such Joy.


Oh :D That's great, I will be so glad, thank you Lyndsay, I wish you and your family best moments! <3


Thank you :D

Nice one it was fun , did you use a green screen???


Thank you Ed :D yes mate, and this was a fast work :), I bought this green screen about 1 year ago, it's a really useful stuff bro :d