My First Dtube Video: My Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Gameplay

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This is my gameplay vid of Sonic 2 on the PC using Kega Fusion emulator and using a generic PC gamepad for controls. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a famous platform game developed and published by Sega of Japan for the Sega Genesis console and released worldwide in November 1992.

I recorded my gameplay using Flashback Express Recorder for Windows. I played only 2 game levels to test out dtube because the upload speeds of the internet services here in the Philippines is damn atrocious.

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Bute ka pa..ako di ko mapasok-pasok ang dtube and dlive.

Sobrang walanghiya talaga ang serbisyo ng mga ISP providers dito sa 'Pinas.

PLDT fiber kami..un P1400 a mo. Ok naman kuya.

Okay naman yun. Testing ka lang mag-upload ng dtube video mo from 11 PM hanggang 5 PM para wala masyadong traffic sa internet.

Need ba idownload ang app kuya? coz sa site walang improvement.

Wala naman akong nakitang app...May para sa mobile phone meron ba?

Dunno kuya..2x ko try mag-upload ayaw nya. Natanong lang kung meron app as wala ako dinown-load. So wala talaga nga.

Try mo after uploading the video and filling in the Basics tab then click on the Advanced tab to wait for your upload to finish. An upload progress bar will show up somehow.

very nice👌

Lol! Feelimg Nostalgic Now! :') It is the game i played for hours! one of the most awesome and Addicting game i have ever played 😍

Yes, the game is a timeless classic.

Oh you reminded me times of my childhood, I remember how playing on Sega for hours in this game when it just appeared here in Russia! There was a desire to buy somewhere again this consolw and sit down for a game for the whole day

You can still play this game on your PC by installing easily an emulator (free to download) and use a PC gamepad for it. It is cheaper than buying the console and game which cost more now due to the retro-gaming craze.

Excellent post really amazing ..
i like your post..
thanks for share..dear @darthnava .
So Resteemed and Upvote..

Who says this is your first video. You are very experienced in making a video. Your DTube video indicates so. I congratulate on your first video. You have done a great job.

Good stuff but I have gotten older for games now because I easily get bored even in watching movies.

  ·  last year (edited)

Try to play the popular ones with or for adult themes. You might not get bored easily.

Very well post good article excellent fun.
Drar darthnava ..
Res-teemed and #Upvote..

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