The top 5 things I love about Steemit

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Steem posts are posts written with Proof Of Brain in mind. That means they are almost all intentional and have a decent amount of content or at least meaning behind them. When I browse New posts on Steemit rarely is there a problem finding something interesting. In fact the problem is, there is so much that one cannot keep up wiht it all! Steemit needs curators to upvote the best posts that are hiding on Steemit and we only have 7 days to find them. After that the post pays out and the esteem worthy story remains embedded in the Steemit blockchain.

Steemit users are diverse and have many interests! Although the largest categories on Steemit are Life, Photography, KR (korea?) steemit, art and bitcoin- other populat tags include travel, nature. music and writing. Oxford Dictionary acounts that there are 171,476 words; all of which could be its own popular category on Steemit simply by using that word as your first tag. You can come to steemit and create your own categories and be the author to put that tag on the map. Or on the Steem net.

Steemit just reached over one million users; something I have been looking forward to since I noticed a doubling from 100,000 to 200,000 back in 2016. The future of Steemit is bright because despite how big it has become, it is only ranked 1806 on Alexa. 20% of visitors are from the United States, and its also getting big in South Korea, India, Japan and Spain! There are so many people who have yet to discover Steemit. Facebook has over 2 billion users per month and around 1.47 billion login daily. Steemit has a half million views per day, gets 17 million monthly visitors, and boasts more transactions per day than all the other blockchains combined. Steemit is a machine and it is running 24 hours a day with relatively few problems or downtime. What will Steemit look like at 5 million users? A billion views per day is not far away. On average visitors spend thirteen minutes on Steemit. Do you realize that is an ETERNITY online? 13 minutes is almost as long as the human attention span can hold. That means when someone uses Steemit they are actually engaged in the content of the Steem post they are reading. That is amazing.

Steemit inspires users, and I am not the only one to have been inspired by working on their Steem posts. Many ideas have developed as a result of the time and focus one takes to create a steem post. Often the ideas we work on, we continue to develop and even realize. In some cases Steem posts have created Public Parks, or even Silver coins. You can bring your ideas to Steemit and rewards aside, you can realize your ideas just by working on them. You are capable of great things and Steemit seems to help focus that for many people. I have friends who have started writing again and one who has even published a book in the time since he joined Steemit. I think that Steemit should be a daily activity as much as checking your social media has become- if not moreso. A steem post a day lets your ideas flow today!

The community. Despite Steemit still being small, the community is inclusive. Not only are users rewarded for upvoting and leaving great comments, but comments are mostly intentional and Steemians reply! We want to connect and we should build a tighter community that supports one another and believes in the power of our ideas. No one has all the answers but together we can do incredible things. Imagine what 100 people could do if they could all agree on one thing? In fact we have seen such examples of success on Steemit and it is only the very beginning. As long as this platform continues to grow, as users verify or upvote others posts, and post daily their best esteem worthy content, we will see even greater things come out of Steemit.

These are 5 things I love about Steemit!

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