Red King

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The Red King, Quillipthoth, from the DKMU Godforms, dreams the world into existence. The Sandman who gives us our dreams. Do we dare awaken the Crimson King to find that our life fades like a morning dream into a new awakening? Will we gain lucidity? Will we awaken into a nightmare or realise our dreams?

This short film documents the ritual of evocation performed as part of a larger magickal operation, the DKMU godform cycle. The call is an adaptation from the DKMU Godforms book. A short piece from a magickal diary describing the experience of evocation follows. The film closes with the words of Red King, as given during the evocation.

This film not only documents a spiritual experience, it also constitutes an evocation that will put the viewer in the presence of divinity/egregore/godform. It's a very direct way to experience Red king and be introduced to him.
Art gives voice to the invisible. This video honours Red king and empowers him. By watching it you pay a tribute to him and to the legacy of DKMU, the Assult on Reality.

Previous videos in DKMU Godforms series:

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Very cool. I've been looking into the DKMU material ever since @antonchanning mentioned it to me yesterday. I'm really into the whole Open Source initiatory system movement and have made my own contributions to it. Thank you for posting this! I'm following you on here now and looking forward to more esoteric posts by you.


I'm glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by to say hello and for the follow. I really appreciate your feedback. DKMU has been really great to work with on many different levels. I am planning to post next video in the series soon.

Starring @dana-varahi as the Red King and me as the Red King (voice). ;)

Very interesting. I've never heard anout it before...


:) It's an obscure part of Chaos Magick. I don't think many people are familiar with the DKMU pantheon. I found it very interesting to work with.