Clean Planet Bag #50 (jubilee!) on 13.05.2019

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Watch me litterpicking on 13.05.2019 filling up (and trashing) Bag #50 .
Thanks for your upvote during the weekend to @dtube @tombstone @cleanplanet @riosparada @ddaily @steamrebelvapors @improv @arcange @da-dawn @yann0975 @adventuroussoul @dtubedaily @scolari-ire @jeronimorubio @criminalacorm @eforucom @buttcoins @hafizullah @toufiqurrahman32 @neopch @otp-one @gregan @isabelpereira @rezoanulvibes @tanbay @jesapelcroot @chagerbe @mehta @supu @exator @steemprotect @lottje @raphaelle @xyzashu @florenceboens @macirid @doutsean … and 157 more!

This video serves as a "Proof of Act" to the @cleanplanet project and the Clean Token.
Everyone can participate to make the world a better place. For the environment and the community who then rewards the cleaner. Visit
For those who missed cleanplanets introduction check out (Cleanplanet in a few words).
The new smart media token -Clean Token- THE Cleaner's Reward is live. More info at

Have a wonderful day!
Love you guys, take care, Joe

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I like that... ‘proof of act’

Liked the vid. Some music over top of the garbage clean up would be sweet. I could almost hear it in my head.

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Thanks, proof of act is not even my idea - guess it was @yann0975 s .
And you are right, some music would be sweet - but I am afraid about copyright infringement.
My favorite cleanup song is "Clean" by Popcaan :)


I put any song I feel fits my video without fear of copyright. Here on dtube I don’t think it plays a factor. I always say who the artist and song title in the writing of the post.

My view is that if I somehow ever get big enough to make real money... I’m happy to pay to license the music... and that until that Day...I’m also giving the artist exposure by utilizing their music.

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Congratulations for your Clean Planet Bag jubilee @dailyplogger

I'm impressed on how committed you are to your cleaning task and really wish they were more people like you. You have my full respect!


Thanks a lot! The key is to include litterpicking in your daily routines. I go to work every day so I pick up trash along the way every day. And by now I can rather quickly create the video so it is easy.