[Dtube] How to get more followers on Steemit? | Daily animation vlog trailer|

in dtube •  8 months ago

How to get more Followers on Steemit? (Funny version)

Animated by dailylight!

What is the main problem most of the new steemers have?
How to become a Crypto millionaire by posting stolen articles?
So... You guys at the right spo....

B: That's not funny light!

Sorry sorry. The main problem isssss not getting more upvotes.
How do you get more upvotes? By getting huge amount of followers.

So how do you get more followers?

I will upload complete animation within a day. It's lot of work for an one person please watch the full version this is a sneak peak!

Thank you for your valuable time.

Please upvote and resteem

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