[Dtube] How to get more followers and upvotes on Steemit Daily animation vlog

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How to get more Followers on Steemit? (Funny version)

Animated by dailylight!

What is the main problem most of the new steemers have?
How to become a Crypto millionaire by posting stolen articles?
So... You guys at the right spo....

B: That's not funny light!

Sorry sorry. The main problem is not getting more upvotes.
How do you get more upvotes? By getting huge amount of followers.

So how do you get more followers? It's very easy just comment on every article you can find "Nice post, Follow me" .
I'm sorry don't do that. You will get flagged!

Let's be serious, these are the most efficient 3 ways to get followers in my opinion,

First create original content,
If you don't have an idea about what to post, It's better to post anything simple rather than stealing from others
Read articles which you like and put a genuine comments but NO SPAMMING

Second Post frequently and post videos on Dtube if you can.

Last one is, share your content on other platforms and ask people on other platforms to read your articles or watch your videos.
and ask them to upvote like I'm asking you right now

Please upvote and resteem.

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Good info my friend. Upvote from us. We wish you a great day. Greetings from Phuket


Thank you very dear! Can you please tell me how do you got the like from @dtube??