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RE: DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it

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I am glad I could contribute to DTube by creating the polish translation. Have my polubienie, buddy!


Thanks for that, upvoted! :)

You are great! :)

Yes dtube will be next youtube i think!!!

Mark me words here!!!!

Steemit for ever!!!

Nice Post!!! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing! ;o)

Yes it will be this is why we are moving to DTube now!

Nice, keep it up! Dtube will rock, next year! Keep up the good Work!

It may be good time to learn english. You can't afford translation of every video to 100's of languages. I think those who born after 1980 was born with understanding what function has PLAY button.

It's fairly obvious that a simple translation of the website is far from translating all of the videos on the website. Get a life buddy, internalization is important on the path of making DTUBE a more mainstream platform.

Hello stranger - english is international language. I think, it would be bigger addition to the international, planetary, or world union if someone who don't know english start learning this language and share with internet his knowledge.

Please look at all of the most influencial websites in the world, not counting the porn/adultry industry, and tell me how many of them are not translated in any way. Also, you most likely don't want to exclude older people. To give you an example, my father was born in a post-communistic society where instead of english everyone was taught russian as their second language, resulting in him only recently trying to catch up on it.

I agree with you dailydogger the world is so diverse English maybe is like the Latin in Roman Empire times but still there are so many people that does not read or speak english.... so they will benefit from this translation effort too. check the world!

How does it would be beneficial for them to learn english or use google translate? It's way more usefull

OMG a DAWGG! So awesome! Are you human free or have a slave like me? Who's a good boy? We are!! Plus, nice work...bilingual? Nice, show those humanz how it's done! Paws up!

polski?! have u ever played tibia?


of course I did. BR BR BR BR ???

haha r u seirous? many polskies used to play back then.. great game

The future of Dtube is neigh.

Po Polsku? No to jest super!

I agree. this is really interesting
if you can join here

Awesome stuff!!!
Thank you

Excellent man.

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