What Is It That Truly Motivates You? Had A Crazy Dream Last Night [Day #6 Quitting Smoking] - D00k13 Digest #364

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What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, starting off today going down to 7/11 again as a reward for hitting 30k steps again last night. I think I will be doing this each time I hit 30k as it is a good reward for the achievement and motivation for taking a stab at the 10k by 10am #automaticwin by @wil.metcalfe.

I had a crazy dream last night, I called it “the face of addiction” and it left me with a lasting impression evolving into a question.

What is it that truly motivates you?

Now remember even when you believe you are moving towards something you are simultaneously moving away from something else! I am moving towards being healthier, that is what motivates me as I am tired of feeling run down constantly. Furthermore I am truly motivated by the fear of failure, I do not wish to fail something so important to my own well being!

That’s it @D00k13 OUT

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I’m motivated when seen a friend achieved a goal!

Just like you quitting smoking.

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Thanks for the support buddy glad that challenging myself has been able to motivate you also.

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Good for you on quitting man. I quit back in september - Feeling great. keep it up bro!

Good for you buddy! Did you quit cold turkey? So far I’ve been using the patch seems to really mitigate the intense cravings just have a general longing left.

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Thanks dude - naw i switched to vaping and tapered down my nicotine intake - down from 12mg to 3. next step is stopping - My consumption is less than 1/10 of what it was at the beginning.

hope you well.... always 💜

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Doing extremely well thank you, I was able to get my automatic win done today! 10 K steps by 10 AM 💪

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