Realizing Limitations Of My Creation, Looking For Ways To Bring That Joy Into My Life - D00k13 Digest #205

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What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, over this last year I have been pushing hard to finally reach 70 rep and it has led me to a few conclusions relavent to limitations of my creation. I tend to run myself 110% till I burn out, it is just how I work. My biggest limitations are time and equipment, being largely a on the go creator I need to use my time wisely. I have mentioned this idea a few times but I was still in the mindset of maximizing my output with the limited time I have while also trying to keep the quality of my works to a certain standard.

Though I now realize this isn’t the best system for me going forward I also do not want to separate my life from the act of creation. I find myself in a place looking forward into the new year where I need to be comfortable with my limitations while also looking for ways to bring that joy of creation into my day to day life even when not interacting on the platform.

The first step is always identifying the problem, I have a lack of time but wish to stay consistent in frequency and quality of my creations. Second step would be working out a plan to correct the problem or to simply learn to be comfortable with it then searching for ways to mitigate the impact. Third step is execution of the chosen solution which I have not made it quite this far yet, I like to keep my options open and let what happens just happen. For this year I aim to find ways of bringing that joy of creation more directly into my life while also trying to subdue the issue of burning myself out making for a more sustainable process keeping my energy up.

I know one thing that would help me bring that joy of creation into my life, simple yet assertainable. #OneLoveDTube Merch! How? Well I am certain someone would ask about it and that would be a moment in which I can express in my real life the joy I experience in the act of creation and supporting others. It would be both a moment where I can raise awareness for our platform while also being a time I can honour what the platform has done for me! Simply by sporting merch I would be constantly reminding myself of everything I have accomplished, all the steps I have taken to get to this point, all those I have helped along the way, that is the joy I wish to never forget!

PS ask me a year ago before I started on Steemit & DTube about blogging or vlogging and I wouldn’t have even shown you the time of day! Now here I am not sure what I would do with out this outlet, things are just different more than I had ever imagined possible.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!?!?

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Yeah me too.... too much pedal to the medal until I crash. Got to prioritize and take care of myself better. thanks for the reminder! :)



Yea dude, only we are setting any standards on ourselves! Curation prefers quality, if we must take an extra day on a project to deliver something we are happy with then that should be the case. On top of that, we burn ourselves out trying to please yet who is it we are trying to please? I try to please myself and end up in conflict of consistency, of frequency in posting and of quality! Yet looking at examples we seemingly must have both, thus the schedule is ours to create!

I am comfortable with what I can produce daily in sense of quality but maybe not content but it’s also a challenge to myself to improve under pressure. The remembering to take the time when challenging myself is the needed part of the equation!

Take the rest you need, drink lots of water, try meditation(helps me daily to clear my mind a focus my energy looking outwards), then come back with a vengeance 💪

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humans live full of limitations but we should be proud of our work even though it looks very limited


Ahh yea always proud of my work, my limitations are mostly relevant to the time I have to create and my own set of standards for quality. Learning to be comfortable with those limitations will be the best for me as when I can make gains in the right direction I will hold less reservations of what gains I make.

Thanks for stopping in 💪

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Always appreciated 💪

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Dunka 😎

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