🥁 Reinvention with my partner! 🥁

in dtube •  2 years ago 

Hello guys!!

Today I share with you a short video with a little improvisation done by me and my partner and guitar player rrp.
New project is coming? Who knows. Rock on!! 🥁

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment with your opinion.



Hoje partilho convosco um pequeno vídeo com uma pequena brincadeira feita por mim e pelo meu parceiro e guitarrista @jrrp. Vem aí novo projecto? Quem sabe! Rock on! 🥁

Espero que gostem!!


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Rock on!!


Curti o som!! Tenta o @DSound tb. Eles estão com um projeto de curadoria muito bom, para sons de qualidade e autorais! =)

Obrigado pela opinião e pela dica. :)

Very cool! Love that fill at the end and you had a very cool dotted eighth note accent going during the groove! Also nice to meet you d-drummer! Joined this community last month and so glad there is a community of drummers on the Steemit/D-Tube/D-Sound platform!

Thanks for the words. It is always good to see our work recognized by colleagues in the profession. I'll follow you. :)

You're welcome! I look forward to seeing more of your drumming videos!