🥁 3. Single Paradiddle - Beat 2 (Dtube vídeo inside) 🥁

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Hello guys!!

Following my previous post, here, is a short video of the single paradiddle - part 3.

If you have doubts, see the previous vídeos:

For exercise #3:
I played the single paradiddle between the ride, hi-hat and snare. The left hand is left on the hi-hat and the rigth hand is left on the rides. The bass drum playing on counts 1, 1ah, 3 and 3and, the snare on counts 2 and 4.

Count the single paradiddle as 16th notes.
Sticking: RlrrLrll

For a practical example, I used the theme “Come And Get It” of John Newman.

Check out! Hope you enjoy! 🥁

I`m counting on you in the next vídeo! 🥁


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Muito massa amigo! Detona aí!

Obrigado amigo. :)

Very nice indeed!

Thanks. Cheers. :)