DTube Snap; California Flooding of 2019 - A Small Look Back

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As we in California continue to experience a mild start to the summer I wanted to upload a video I took during the rainy season of this year. California experienced a series of Atmospheric Rivers that hit and dumped more rain than has been seen in years. This video shows a little of what we experienced for months. Torrential downpours with flooding daily. Sadly due to politics, most of this water washed out to the ocean and was not utilized for drinking water or irrigation. The fabricated drought in California will continue due to bad policies of not building more water storage. To this day they are still dumping water out of most dams here in the state due to high water levels and the crumbling infrastructure.

Funny note, you can see my neighbor across the street carelessly leaves his engine hoist out in this weather, with his car on stands waiting to be worked on. It sat like that for a few months, rain or shine....Then once the motor was pulled, THAT sat out in the rain for a month...

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