🎥 Bitcoin Price Analysis: 2018 - a Year of Bear Market!

in dtube •  22 days ago

Hello dear Steemians, Dtubers and members of DCooperation!

In this video I try to summarize what happened to the cryptocurrency market this year.

I wish next year is more successful for the crypto market.


Keep in mind, that thoughts expressed here are my own, and they should not be regarded as recommendations for any cryptocurrency trades, investments and etc.

A few words about me:

Just to let you know: I've been working professionally as a currency analyst for the last 12 and a half years, and as a cryptocurrency analyst for the last almost 2 years.

I am also a member of #dcooperation community. A community that supports Dtubers. You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation.

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Great analysis and love to see that you are pointing out the high low multiple time in the bear market accordingly of the TA rules. In the meantime, the best will come for 2019 in the crypto sphere hopefully. ;)


@chesatochi, thank you for commenting! Let's hope that the next year of 2019 will be much better for the crypto market.

I also keep fingers crossed))


Thank you.

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Thank you @partiko!

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