Can bitcoin make you a multi-millionaire?

in #dtube5 years ago

I have heard many stories of abundance with bitcoin.

Have you heard of bitcoin millionaires?

Can you still make millions with bitcoin?

Watch the video to find out my views!

Bitcoin price chart :

Technical indicators:

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is not tax advice. This is not legal advice.

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good reasoning easier said then done
i wish you luck

Maybe from a 12-year-old kid who hated going to school so much he made a bet with his parents — if he becomes a millionaire before turning 18, they won’t force him to go to college. Today, at the age of 18, Erik Finman owns 403 bitcoins, which at the current $10K, puts his bitcoin value at $3 million. He also has some smaller investments in ether and litecoin. Officially a school dropout, Erik now manages him and his family’s bitcoin investments, lives in Silicon Valley and keeps himself busy with all kinds of projects that have nothing to do with school.

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