US Dollar Will NEVER Collapse...?

in #dtube3 years ago

A lot of people have been saying for years that the US dollar is going to collapse, and that will cause another global financial crisis. That's why you should hold onto your crypto for dear life. Is that really the case?

USD is still the official currency of other countries such as Ecuador, East Timor, El Salvador and Zimbabwe. It's used for $100Bs of oil trade every year. Hundreds of millions of people pay their taxes in dollars, and despite the Federal Reserve and US Treasury printing trillions, it's still valuable. The IMF has plans to create a system of e-dollars, and as early as 2008, political figures were discussing a new currency system known as Bretton Woods 2 - so there's always a way out.

Will the dollar collapse? Let's talk about it in this episode of Cryptonomics.

HODL is for chumps:

The American Dream:

Zeitgeist full movie:

Doug Casey on Donahue:

Good stuff Kurt! You make some great points. I too have fallen victim of the dooms day fall of the US dollar. Bought silver at it's height.

The best thing we can predict is our own livelihood by developing our skills and abilities then building a network and community around us that understands the value we bring. It's entrepreneurialism from there!

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