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Many cryptocurrency-based sites have popped up over the last 3 years, giving content creators a chance to make money from their art. Steemit gives bloggers a chance to earn some cash, and there are several sites based on the Steem platform - DTube for videos, DSound for podcasts, songs or other audio, Dmania for memes, Utopian for open-source programmers, and even Steem Monsters the trading card game.

There's also Bit.Tube, which is a very professional site for video creators and viewers, offering the Tube token. Source Independent is a blockchain project by master shaman Hamilton Souther, with the aim of helping musicians get reimbursed for their creative efforts.

Will cryptocurrency present a future full of art and creativity? Will artists have the courage to try something different?

▶️ DTube

I really do love the prospect that crypto and blockchain has for art and artists. The business of art has so much of a negative effect on the art and artists and it is the current monetary system that proposers that.

With crypto eliminating the limo driving middlemen and putting the money straight from the consumer into the pocket of the artist is such a good concept. Now there is value to the corporate side in the promotion and production of the art that will have to come to the blockchain in the meantime. Additionally, there will have to be more consumers adopting cryptocurrency in order to pay for the consumption of this art.

So much work to do but early adopters who are artists are set to gain immensely if those greater adoption occurs.

I have heard of bit tube but have been so dedicated to the steem blockchain that I have not given it a try. I might just do that for education sake and diversification is a good thing. I will definitely stick with dtube because of its affiliation with my favourite social blockchain.

Great food for thought!

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Thanks! we didnt know about bittube! we tryied minds for one sec before getting out that spam posting site

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