Spreading the Word in the Streets | How Musicoin's Blockchain is Giving Back to the Community #Food4U

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Do your Good Deed of the Day & Press Play: https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x442a...
#Food4U Webpage: https://www.cryptokingz88.com/food4u
Represent the #Food4U Movement with your Exclusive T-Shirt:

Support #Food4U to help 4Unity Corp (501c-3 nonprofit) provide FREE food and mental health resources to the homeless population in Hartford CT. Every time someone plays "I Need", Musicoin pays per stream in crypto. The funds will be used for the Food4U Event. EVERY PLAY COUNTS!!! Please press play & share #Food4U #INeed #cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology

Thanks for the Love Steemit and DTube family

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Wow the information is great i like it


Thank you .. We gonna keep bring the info the people that need this.. thanx for your support

Nice information thanks for sharing

Love what Crypto Kingz is doing .. Keep up the great work

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nice information