Steemit-Basic Overview for the Masses

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Watch Steemit-Basic Overview for the Masses video on DTube

I wanted to make a very basic video that shows users on youtube how simple Steemit can be.

I don't get into the technicals I merley show an overview and explain some very important features and user case scenarios.

I think the more videos we make for Steemit the better, and it is important to keep in mind there are now more and more humans discovering the Blockchain on a faster larger scale.

We must get virally busy and inject steemit to the masses via any social media outlet we can take advantage of.

I have posted this on Youtube to hopefully help seek out some new potential steemians

The market is now over 130 Billion. Mass adoption is imminent.


YAY!!! Thanks for using #DTUBE!!!!! :) And for spreading STEEMIT all over the interwebs! :) :) :) You rock Cryptoiskey!!!

Thanks!!.....Gotta be done I reckon, and the time is now to spread the word more than ever...

I gotta check out this Dtube

Yeah it pretty cool..i just realized though if you update your post on steemit it wont reflect the change here..hence the thumbnail link....but yeah looks like a cool site :)