How To Control Your Emotions When Investing - Chris White Interviewed by CrushTheStreet

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Chris White shares his valuable insights on having the correct mindset when investing and handling wealth.

We analyse the mindset of the cryptocurrency markets and how to harness and balance emotions as an investor.


01:15 Are all investors emotional
03:50 Psychology of the cryptocurrency markets
09:05 Harnessing your emotions when investing
13:50 Closing thoughts and where to find out more

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The market changes soooooo fast, it's hard not to lose your mind!

To be successful in investing you need to be able to control your emotions as the way men are made is not ideal for investing. Kahneman is a great read. But to be super successful you need to be a psychopath as only this will allow you to take the risk necessary to become overwhelmingly rich... But this is nothing you should long for...

what will be will be, the future is not us to see.

I'm emotionally dead inside, yet i still get FOMO


yes contol

How do you control your emotions when your wife leaves you because you went all in on Verge.... Asking for a friend.


Depends when your "friend" went all in. If it was last year at this time your friendwould be a millionaire and he wouldn't need a wife anymore. If you bought at all time highs then your friend's wife should leave him lol


LOL what a lucky guy. Single again and with a lot of verge!


Explain to your wife and show her some fact that there is a potential in Verge. She might buy the idea or join your friend all in on Verge so both can be retire young and pretty.

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I've lost a lot of money because my emotions :(


Me too!

I dilute my emotional trading intensity by diversifying. Also, forced laughter seems to help. Using this page has helped me to remain calm on "bad" days.

Good topic
Thanks for sharing @crushthestreet

There's no substitute for experience.

To invest something you should brace your self for something, for everything you reap is what you sow. I really adore those investors that despite of having rough times they still strong willed to go on, because quitting is never an answer to a problem. Thanks for this!

Great advice. Very helpful.
I will say though if you study crypto currency, you will notice they are deflationary by design so they will continue to increase with just short term dips and spikes. These assets are a gift to humanity and will destroy the nwo scammers who print all the assets out of thin-air.

Great article!

i am very emotionless and i dont know how to control my frieds emotions

nice post

Great article!

True. made mistake a lot of times in rush while trading... still learning

Keep up the great work
support @thevenusproject for a resource based economy

I could really use this..
I bought some status coin on thursday due to FOMO and now its dumping like crazy.
Emotions play a huge factor in trading.

I'm trying to control my emotions because this guy is wearing a bowtie

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"Elliott Wave" (very hard to master) & chart analysis are surely beneficial but what benefits an investor, even more, is mastering psychology.

Does anybody REALLY knows why some comments under super trending posts, like this one, are getting so powered? while other, quite valid, on my opinion, responses remain unnoticed?? please educate me

What we need to know in any investment someone must be a risk take and also patient until time to reap
No risk no investment

Fear and greed are the two forces that you need to identify and rationalise don't get attached an no win to cut your losses or hold based on market fundamentals. It also helps to know what your investing in!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Hahahah I am emotionless and I don't have in my mind when going for inveting in something.. By the way thanks for sharing @crushthestreet ..

I think no one who invest is emotional. Because real investors look at the statistics and logics and then invest their money.. so I am Ok with that. @crushthestreet thanks for the suggestion.. I really appreciate.

Terimakasih sangat membantu

nice topic thank you for the post

Hmmm, that's a nice post, I now know how to invest more and control my emotion, thanks dear. Am new on stimeet, saw your post for the first time, I was touched and taught. Keep on the good work. Hope to see more and have just followed you.

Thank you this was very useful. The best strategy I've found for myself so far is making investment rules and being very strict with them- the rules decide for me! Although this can be tough in a rapidly changing market.

Thank you for this Video! Since investing seems so complicated, can you give us any advice on how to get started?

This is extremely helpful! Thank you! :D

So damn hard... I've made so many mistakes on impulsive decisions! Resteemed!

really nice!

Pschcology is the key of trading,trading is the art which depend on emotions with little interference,be like reborts