- Buying GGM To Mine GG (New Gaming Front-End on Steem Blockchain)

in dtube •  3 months ago 

Hey there,

today I wanted to show you the latest addition to
GG Tokens aka tokens.

They have built a new front-end that let's you share and promote gaming-related content.

The creators have also plans for curating their communities' content with sponsored upvotes.

In this short video, I'll show you how to buy GGM the token that is able to mine GG.

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Thanks for the video!
I wonder where the reward of 0.01 GG came from :D strange.
The reward for one winner should be about 0.85 GG every time.

Hey, no worries!

I will definitely make this a series and share my results on a consecutive basis.

Haha I was wondering that, because I had already received like 1.64 GG minutes before that :D
Let's just see it as a lucky token donation from the blockchain gods!

I'll be sharing my mining results once I get some good data from it over the next couple days :)

Would be looking forward to that....thanks for the info

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