Nice piece of writing. We know not from whence he came nor for where he is bound, but we are curious.
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At first I was like brave browser?

I am kinda slow...
I must say I might have taken some of that food, because you really took me through an adventure with how emotionally provoking your style is.
Wonderful post! thank you for sharing.

Oh wow. What an exciting story. Are you planning to continue it?

Nice to see a fellow freewriter doing an author reading. Do you do these often?

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Thanks! All of these freewrites will be continued on as full stories at some point in the future...or as part of other full works. I just started the author readings last Friday but I have a few freewrites from last year.

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Well that is awesome, I'm definitely looking forward to that :)

I hope you enjoy doing the readings. It's pretty fun :) editing is a little challenging haha but I'm sure I'll pick it up.

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I love these fantasy style 5 min freewrites @creativesoul.

They remind me of the opening passages of a d+d adventure module. The two I read yesterday and today, each paint a picture of character, leaving the reader to imagine what's to come next. Really nice!

I write a lot of fantasy fiction, not much of it makes it to steem these days tbh. But I used to put more up here. It's always nice to see that there are still some fantasy creations colouring the Blockchain with mystery and magic 🙂

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I have never played d+d or really had all that much to do with it. But there are certainly influences that permeate through the whole genre. Inspiration is funny that way...we just keep building onto the sparks that came before. Growing up I was surrounded with choose your own adventure books and games with classic RPG quests. These give me a sense of nostalgia that I automatically find myself trying to capture no matter what I happen to be writing. Combining character...setting...event and some hint towards the future in little more than 100 words is a fun little excercise. With this format these freewrites could go on indefinitely.

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