preach on brother craig

in dtube •  last year  (edited)
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I was wondering what the "d" stood for!





yes :)

so dope to have Craig active on Steemit again. This man is an inspiration to what I wish to achieve. He gives me motivation to better my life

i love such videos, because they show hidden truth on steemit,,thank you much brother

Thanks for this. I've enjoyed your videos but this is really neat to see your strategies in action. Thanks. Following. Blessings.

That was certainly an interesting post.

I’m not sure I could have said it any better.

You are in my steemvoter...I never miss a video even when I miss a video.. Yeah...


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Mis respetos y saludos para ty ;)

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Preach and feel the freedom

Awesome man!
STEEM will rise!
Keep investing!

I still wonder if you buy a house or not yet lool.
I liked that post very much indeed. I hope u will find a great house,

Ive been following you a Trevon for some time now. It’s awesome to see you both succeeding. I initially began learning about crypto from Trevon and then i saw you on some of his videos, so i got into your stuff. It’s great to see people make huge money off of crypto.congrats to you my friend. I envy your fun lifestyle and the luxury you can afford. I will get there one day lol

perfect human :)

I'm supporting you on here and Youtube Craig! Since BCC you haven't steered me wrong! Continue to be free

That Steem buying strategy is pretty decent.

I might even use it when I get my first payments from Steemit.

I see that Steem power is really important in here, so I might even invest my money to buy if it drops a little bit.

Its great to see all things.

Freeeeeeeeddddommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! The Key to Life!

Wow craig a post over $400 that's freedom

happy for today!

Greetings appreciate your buying strategy

Keep it up craig, you're doing a great job of helping people understand steem and make the transition into the community. You are providing a great service.

I enjoy listening to your thought process in analyzing how you plan to use steem and where it could possibly be headed into the future. I think in time steem could be bigger than instagram/twitter as more different views are developed. I can already see a wave of Youtubers slowly moving to steem. The revolution is beginning lol.

always glad to see craig am sure what they are saying about you and juliana is fake ,you have worked your way to the top and you deserved it

Unique perspective in the Flow as always.

You get more love here than on You Tube.. Better flow,

gad to see you here and i think d tube is much more better wish you all the best buddy

Really great article I made a good choice my dear friend

Great video bro 👍


dtube i like

great post sir, one thing I discover on your videos now.

You are decentralized YouTube, you are now a new dtube sensation! say bye bye to YouTube. :)

Youre awesome craig, keep it up. You always have my vote.

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.

I just join DTube i did know it existed, you the first person i heard about Bitconnect a year over a year now! keep doing what you doing!

@craig-grant please bring them here to STEEMIT. DTube is your new home. Preach it Far and Wide. Leave your captors behind and come feel THE FLOW........

Craig Grant Flow

Preach Preacher!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Keep preaching it brother craig, the next thing i'll gladly do with my little cash outs. Hahahahaha
Bro read my story if you like it. By the way you post are awesome..

It is great to see you all again back on this great platform! Have a great day 😉

I'm feelin, Craig. Good lookin' out. 1!

Thanks for telling us about D.Tube! I'm gonna come up just like you!

cool cool

King steemit @craig-grant

Very nice place!



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Dtube is great joined after seeing your youtube clip thanks heaps Craig

Thanks to Craig Grant and a video he posted months ago, I formed the confidence and determination to create my own Dtube channel - my life has never been the same since then. If it were not for you, Graig, I would still be working for centralized corporations, slaving away at crumbs. Thank you. I hope to meet you some day. It would be a dream come true. Consider any of my skillsets at your disposal; you've changed my life for the better, and I am eternally grateful. Namaste.


Thanks for sharing

  ·  last year (edited)

well @craig it is more good to see you buy 280 power and hope you increase it more and also your experience and earning growht with dtube si good enjoy it and your banner on dtube and on your blog is attractive

DTube is unbelievably entertaining! I have to create a profile after seeing this video. Thanks @craig-grant for the informative view point. I've been refocusing my steemit growth & DTube is a must. Wow wow wow!

Good morning!!@craig-grant
Good luck always:-)

Preach ON!!!

Great Craig joined Dtube after hearing you talking about it, Dtube is the future youtube is the passed. Subscribed keep up the great clips

Thanks for this been following you a while now came on here because of you. Trinidad in the building nuff repect bro


Keep Grinding brother

So much excitement in all what you said on about and steem, I hope I could buy like you do...