390 SP Delegation!!!

in dtube •  8 months ago 

I am giving away 390 Steem Power to one lucky @steemit subscriber for one week and all you have to do are 4 simple steps!

  1. Subscribe/follow my channel.

  2. Re-steem this post.

  3. Upvote this post with any amount.

  4. Comment on this post.

24 hours from now I will randomly select one comment with a random generator, verify that they followed all the steps and announce the winner. The following Saturday I will start the contest all over again and sunday I will take the delegation away and give it to a new winner and increase the delegation the following week.

Good luck to all of you!

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yes please!

Come on, baby! :*

Fantastic! Saludos desde Venezuela!

I hope I have a chance, as I am still pretty new to this :D.

I'm ready! I hope you do more contest like that! friend

Give me a chance too.

I never stop believing . . .

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While I listen to Queen! I am sure that I will be a CHAMPION!


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hey bro! done :D hope I win, I want to support a lot of creators who deserve it

Me me!! First one?

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I'm here

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Maybe this time, will be the rigth time!!

To begin with, belated new year wishes to you @cowboysblog.

Thank you very much @cowboysblog for this timely support for planktons like us and minnows as well.

But I don't understand the last part of the 3rd point Sir.

"Upvote this post ?with any amount?....

Please throw light on it Sir.

Yes. You can upvote 0% if you want.

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Adivina adivinador! quien será el afortunado?

Go! Cowboys Go!

Thank you again for last weeks delegation, it was such a great feeling to be able to upvote with more than 0.01 🙏

Wish to be lucky

Let's see what happens!

upvoted and resteemed !


I hope so


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@cowboysblog, this is really a great initiative. Hats off!