Video of My Talk at the Global BlockBuilders Conference in Austin!

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Hi Friends,

A lot of you have been asking to see the video recording of the talk I did in Austin... and its finally here! Huge thank you to @steemcafe and @daveonarrival for getting me this super fancy recording from the conference.

The Austin conference was an amazing experience packed with so many great speakers! Seriously, I could not believe the depth of talent Global Block Builders was able to attract at this conference.

Because attendees would likely hear about various blockchain projects for most of the talks - I decided to do something a little different! I wanted my talk to be something that could apply to all of the attendees and be something that helps combine the human element of blockchain.

Drumroll please...

Talking to ya friends about crypto

I talked about the phycology behind why it is so hard to explain blockchain technologies and to not make your friends want to run away the moment you start saying crypto.


I hope you guys enjoy hearing the replay of my talk!

XO, Lea

Here is a youtube link for anyone who needs it.

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You always do a great job with these.
My approach:
Hey Matt, what's this blockchain stuff all about?
Things can be permanent on the internet now, and the implications of that are fascinating to me. Records of sending money to each other was first, that's bitcoin; but anything you do online has, or will soon have, a permanent alternative. Even the guy who runs the website can't undo things you do. They're permanent.

Then if they want to understand how it works;
The information is stored on identical databases all around the world. None of them change anything unless they all agree; so even if one goes rogue or blacks out, your information is safe, and nobody can pretend to be you as long as you're the only one who knows the big string of letters and numbers you got when you started.

That’s a great way to explain things!! I’ll have to steal bits and pieces of that. 😊

Awesome. Loved having you. Next event will be 10 times awesomer. 🙂

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I’m in love....

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Can’t wait!! 💪🏻

Great stuff. Awesome job.

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