My Unlikely Road to Crypto - From Ukulele to Blockchain

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I always love asking people about their road to crypto and how they get involved in the space. I feel like everyone always has such an interesting story and it's fun to hear!

If any of you are curious... in this video, I share my unconventional road to the world of crypto and how it involves my ukulele and the steem blockchain. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and maybe you'll leave me a comment below with your own story! I would love to hear it.

XO, Lea

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Great post

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For me I had heard about it before but didn’t pay too much attention to it, then a friend came to me and his like I’m making money on this bitcoin thing so I bought some, doubled my money in two weeks and I was hooked and I started researching Alts got into ETH and a few others

Then a buddy told me you like blogging here’s a site that does that on a blockchain and I’ve been here ever since!

I used to feel like I missed the big pumps and opportunities but now I can see it’s really only the beginning and we’re still pretty early

I used to also think that getting crypto to dump it was where it was at but the way I see it now I want to hold it in case well fiat collapses which is a pretty real possibility

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Thanks for sharing...enjoyed reading your story!

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