Big Announcement! // I'll be Speaking and Representing Steem at Anarchadelphia 2019

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Hey guys!

I'm beyond stoked to drop this piece of news. I'll be joining the speaking crew at Anarchadelphia this September. I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Pat Leach (@illucifer) at both Steemfest 3 in Poland and Anarchapulco in Mexico this year. He is the founder and creator of Anarchadelphia and he and his team have been working around the clock to bring this event to life.

The speaking lineup for this event is insane and I honestly can't believe I'll even get to hang out with this crew. Check out to see the whole speaker lineup - but you'll see the likes of @crypt0, @lukewearechange, Larkin Rose, Mark Passio, Max Igan, Carey Wedler and so many more!

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 7.27.54 PM.png

Love this graphic they put together for the speakers.

SO many of you left comments while I was at Anarcapulco at how you wished there was an event in the US or Canada that was easier to travel to... so here ya go! ;)

You Can't Beat In Person Meet-Up's

I may sound like a broken record... but there is a reason I'm spending all of my vacation time going to crypto and anarchy related events. It's the best fucking time of my life. No joke. Being around like-minded people and getting to connect on a deep level is an experience you can't replicate online. I think there is so much value in events like this, and I hope you are able to join me in Philadelphia. ❤️

If you are thinking of attending, then here's a discount code for you!

Lea Promo May.jpeg

Event Details

Dates: September 13-15th 2019
Location: Philadephia (recomended hotel - The Courtyard Mariot South)
Tickets: (You can use code "Lea" for 5% off)


If you have any questions from the conference at all - let me know and I'll get you an answer if I don't know. Leave a comment 👇🏻if you are thinking of going or would like to attend!


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There's nobody I'd rather have representing us. That's fantastic news, Lea. Congratulations :)

Aww thanks Matt!! Wish you could be there with us. ♥️ Looks like Steemfest 4 will be our big family reunion! 😃 Although now it looks like Mary can’t go. 😞

Let me guess.
Extensive, chequered criminal background in South East Asia?

Fuck yeah, Lea. FUCK YEAH!

YES!!! 💪🏻 Your comment is my favorite! 😎

This is gonna be awesome!

I can’t waaaaiit!! Thanks again for having me at your event! 🚀

This may actually workout for me! Will out it on my list to see if it can happen! Thanks!

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No way!!! It would be amazing to finally meet!! 😃

What is Anarchadelphia?

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Ooooh ok I get it now :)

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Your point of view is important, make sure you get a great message out!!
No pressure!
I support your libertarian side!
As am I.

On it my friend!! 💪🏻😉


Thank you!! I’m super excited. 😃

I have seen the work you put here and it is well deserved!

Congratulations :)

Thanks sparkesy! ♥️


Thank you! 😃

Greetings @coruscate

Congratulations! The experience will be rewarding!

Thanks so much!

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