The Hangover Cure That's All Mental

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Hi Friends!

Warning... embarrassing video footage of me at a lake party this weekend inside. 😅

I had a super fun day at my friends Lake House partying with my friends this weekend and needless to say was feeling it a little bit the next morning. I had a super interesting realization though that kind of blew my mind.... so I thought I would share!

Ps... I've been having a lot of fun getting back into the groove with regular vlogging and I hope you guys have been enjoying hearing from me more often too! Like I said in a vlog the other day... those that are best at their craft are the ones that do it regularly - even if they don't always feel 100% inspired. There's a certain magic that happens with consistency.

You guys will have to let me know if you have ever tried this... or if I'm just a little crazy(totally possible). The power of our minds is pretty remarkable.

XO, Lea

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People always ask why I can drink like 10 shots very easily... I say it’s all mental 😂😂😂

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hahah damn 10 shots is intense! That's some serious mental power you got there. lol

Omg no way can my mind have overcome some of the hangovers I have had. 😂😂😂

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hahah yeah I have some of those in the books too. 😅This one wasn't too bad thankfully.

The best cure for a hang over is don't stop drinking.

Haha oh man ... I don’t know if my liver could handle that. 😂

True that

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LOL the way we drink in South Africa I don’t think any amount of mental strength can overcome that hangover you just have to try and absorb water and hold on for dear life

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