Networking Tips for Crypto Events

in dtube •  23 days ago  (edited)

I leave tomorrow for World Crypto Con and Vegas Blockchain week, and so I thought I’d share my best tips on how to approach networking at Crypto Events.

When you think of things that make you smile and fill you with joy, I’m guessing that networking didn’t come to mind.

If networking is something we’ve all collectively decided is important - then why is it something so many of us dread? Let me give you a hint - it’s not because you need some more tactical tips or more confidence. All you need is a couple small minder shifts to go from either dread or even, “meh” to not only surviving these events - but maybe even having fun.

XO, Lea

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you always make great content. I was in Vegas only of the LTC Summit, would loved to be there for the WCC as well. would been nice to finally meet a fellow Steemian as well, hope you have great time and talk soon!