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Iranian regime change. Korean nuclear war. Alt media censorship. There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about the year ahead as we ease our way into 2018. That's why my New Year resolution is to redouble my efforts and put out even more material this year. I need you to help me spread the word about these podcasts, videos, interviews and articles, and to help you do that I'm going to be concentrating more effort on alternative social media platforms. Your help will be appreciated.

▶️ DTube

Mate, you are one of the most trusted truthers out there.
Your work has helped me wake up many of my friends and family to the reality of our current paradigm. The 9/11 in 5 minutes video woke both mine and my wife's parents up to the reality of the 'War on of Terror'!
I'm sure the more you post on Steemit and the more you engage with the community here will go a long way to helping in this fight for our freedom.
Keep it up dude, you're the best.

Agreed and great reply! The truth is out there for people to find. It just isn't easily found due to all the content filtering and other tricks the corporatist social media sites use. Steemit on the other hand makes it easy, and here you're not put in fb jail for sharing the truth. It's a great place to be, and being among so many friends, fellow Liberty Professionals as I call us, is an honor.

So true.
Steemit is the best, although I can't qualify it by having any experience of FB or Twitter. I never bothered with social media until Steemit came along and only came for the freedom it offers.
Let's hope it stays that way.

Freedom !! You can say once again, It really has come to take over.

Well said i really love your comment ,good ideology.

I was on G+ and FascistBook, and both are now dead to me. Anyone attempting to further liberty's cause there will be content filtered, etc. I still have Twitter mainly because it is a very good tool for local breaking news.

yeah I must say...its definitely a awesome steemit so far

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Keep telling the truth. More truth. More and more!

GREAT POST!Help me Follow x Follow From venezuela

steemit will rock till 2020

Steem price up due to it listed on Korean exchange, but now Korean is banned people to buy btc...will it affect the price of steem?

It's going to be an interesting year. A lot of potentially bad things are coming to a head. The last stage of an empire is looting, and the looting of the current empire is almost over. When the music stops, for whatever reason be it a global war or economic collapse, a lot of people are going to be suffering.

I'm not looking forward to it, but the current model can no longer be supported. There's too much debt, and there are not enough genuine assets. People are going to learn the meaning of true production whether they want to learn it or not. What do I mean? Prepare for the day when your fiat currency buys nothing.

Will you be warm? Fed? Sheltered? In the Great Depression millions of people died from starvation and exposure. Back then most people lived in rural areas and many grew their own food. Today though it is the opposite. Most people live in urban areas, and barely anyone grows their own food. Very few can survive off the land alone.

Our entire food production system runs on credit also. Good luck when it stops working! We had better have alternative payment systems and currencies in place for when it does happen. I hope we do and know good people are working on that problem's solution. Be prepared to barter for goods and services just in case everything else fails however.

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Sweet, thanks!

Keep Pushing For Liberty @finnian💪😎 @corbettreport keep on flexin' for Freedom


That's the main reason to be here, brother. You know that too. We will fight for freedom's cause. I'll die with a smile on my face if necessary to further individual liberty. It's worth any price!

I'm so glad you are going to post more over here, and you have been great about posting on Bitchute. I get tired of people complaining about the censorship. Just move to a new platform. Ignore them, they will realize that we hold the power, not them.

Good to see you're stepping up your game at the alternative media! I often catch myself watching your videos on Youtube, but then see the same videos on other platforms like BitChute. I hope I don't have to tune into Youtube so often anymore for your videos! :)

Keep up the good work, James! You have my support.

Thanks for coming back since I stay off the censor filled sites.

excellent friend, we continue to grow in steemit

Thank you so much!
You are my favorite account.👍

you both are my favorite accounts <3 @bitton you also my favorite :D

2018 will be awesome! Lucky dog’s year!)

Awesome post man!

Good luck in your efforts in 2018

Now with more contents.

THANK YOU!! You are the kind of person I want to help make a "whale" out of. I am delighted that you are focusing some time and energy here, I think this is where the future of truth has to go!

I'm with you james.
I'll try to get your videos out to as much people as I can.
Translating to swissgerman is probably overkill but I will still do my best to inform other people:-)

very nice

Nice job done dear ...... it will really help others

Good dtube steemit post pls upvote

... great reporting. Now it is up to ALL of us to get the ball rolling! Spread it Far and Wide!

@corbettreport Good job, raising awareness is the only way we could stop those lunatic elites before they destroy the entire planet for profit and power. I have huge respect for your work. I will do my best to spread the word about those podcasts on my fb page because we're on the same page here and I'm glad about that! Exceptional journalism! I'm sure Twitter, Youtube or Fb would try to silence you though, they don't like freedom of speech.

I think Steam is a great platform. His future is very good. And we can go a long way.

Good Brother Keep It Up. I will help you always. I Like that type of people as like you.

Why does western press always talk about Iranian "regime" and never Iranian "Government"? I know I'm picky but would just like to know.

Government and regime are not the same thing. Regime is the game and the rulebook, government is just the team roster. America's government changes at every election, but our regime has not changed since 1789. China's government (sort of) changes every five years, but their regime has not changed since 1949. North Korea's government has changed twice (each time by the death of their autarch) in the country's history, but they have had the same regime since China first established them as a puppet government in the '50's.
An Iranian government change (meaning, new people stepping into the same offices) it wouldn't raise our eyebrows. If Iran's regime is changing, that's news.

Thank you for the reply.

Mate, you are a standout amongst the most trusted truthers out there.

I'm certain the more you post on Steemit and the more you draw in with the group here will go far to aiding in this battle for our opportunity.

Keep it up fella, you're really great.

I followed you, I hope it helps a bit.

Great post! Well substantiated information in dtube and steemit. loving to your post.
new year and that 2018 be full of prosperity and success greetings @corbettreport
upvoted // resteem

You are doing so good work for everyone hope you will reach more people

Great Post Thanks For Sharing

Thank you so much! I keep following you @corbettreport

Hold on a second.
Iranian regime change? From a handful of protests? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it, but aren't you being a bit presumptuous by calling it so soon?

I hope you have done a lot of good day in 2017 and the next new year all days will be a lot better.
thanks for sharing your valuable content..especially thanks for discuss about dtube and steemit..cause i gain knowledge to your post ..well done.

Very interesting read and good content. Thank you for the piece.

Freue mich auf weitere Informationen.

Am sure steemit is going to grow more higher than where it is.. 2018 is a great year for all investors

Hello james

I would just like to say thank you.
I can't afford to join the paid corbett site at this point in time. I am up voting and resteeming every new post
Here on steemit, after leaving facebook.
2018 is shaping up to be a crazy one.

Hey dude been watching you on and off for years. I like the way you cut through the bullshit.
I am trying to expose what happens to kids in care in my city.

James, we count on you to cut through all the clutter, and to understand what’s really going on in our world.

James your awesome, I will do my part


Thank you for all you do.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Thank you for all you do brother, be safe and prepared.

beautiful post, good job, thanks for sharing following up voted

What do you think about a fake alien invasion?

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This is going to be a very hectic year and even more than 2017 because this will have to define once and for all the position of the US and North Korea in the face of the provocations that both have been doing, I hope they can reach a diplomatic solution because in case of a nuclear war not only the people of their respective countries will suffer without not having international repercussions.

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your video is very awesome and full of knowledge

Me encanta tu comentario , tienes mucha razon en lo que dices . Buen post bro :D

Good luck in your efforts in 2018

Whatever happened to diplomacy?

@2018 this year can be good for some can be bad for some.
but still we always hope for good ..
and welcome it with smile on our face :)
if difficulties come ? we will face them .
thanks brothers.
follow from my side :)

Great to hear that from you @corbettreport.. You always come with some interesting and true stories of the world. Specially debate of korean nuclear war and Iranian issues of regime.. #stay blessed bud!

Great video man, keep up the good work!

Nice one

Word fam, keep it up🙌🙌🙌

Great message for the coming year, I expect we will see some very exiting changes all around the planet.
I planning my part also.
Cheers, A

Thanks for all your hardwork James, really appreciated. Let's hope for more people waking up to media manipulation in 2018.

that's good mate hopefully you'll do great for 2018!

The way North Korea are testing their nuclear weapons even on American soil, I think they are looking for
Third world war and I think the best America can do is what they by keeping silent about not as if they
Are afraid of them they just preventing the from not happening

The world might end at any time because 2 of the mad men have access to nuclear warheads. One is a Fat Asian dictator and another is a small handed Orange man. Enjoy your stay at Earth while you can!!!! Hope to live to see 2019 :)

great post ! I like your post!

I am new hope you will support me If you have time so i want to learn hope you will upvote me thanks

You always give me the best post ever thank you @corbettreport

I would like to help you in this regard. Nice and sensitive idea.

very nice and very informative post. i followed you because u always share valuable content,keep sharing such posts.very good, i like it.
Follow me @mustafarazy

I hope iranian regime really change

The post is very amazing, very menginfirasi begi we all stemian ,, guide us so we can like you .. regards steemit

Mattie, you are one of the most trusted of the honest ones out there.Your work has helped me wake up many of my friends and family to the reality of our current model. I woke up 9/11 in 5 minutes video Both mine and my wife's father up to the reality of the war on terror I'm sure the more you are posting on the steemit and whenever you engage with the community here you will go a long way to help in this fight for our freedom. Keep it dude, you better.

Free Speech in Cyberspace Forever!

The world is more devastating from last 5 years because Peoples are continuously dying everywhere in the world without any issue.
So world needs more peace and first people need inner peace.

Good Luck to you

Just before I went to bed, I thought; why isn't James Corbett on Steemit? I am glad you are. I loved your Iran report. Have you read William Enddahl's books about Iran and the history of the oil wars?

Very high quality! Upvoted!

Wow Amazing ! I really Like your Post @ corbettreport

War is never been good for us in the first place. Keep it up

you're the best you're the best you're the best

What a Nice & valuable Post!

I think D.Tube will revolution the internet in new way

Thanks, James! Glad you'll be uploading more here, it is a much better platform for actual discussion than YT.

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

if you wish please visit my blog, i need your support .thank you

thanks for your hard work and delivering acurate data consistently.

Thanks for all you do Mr. Corbett. Avid follower since your early days.

Love your work brother!!!

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